Elder : Carol Carter

​I have been a Christian since I was 17 years old and have been baptised in water and by the Holy Spirit. 

I have been a member of this church for about 10 years. 

I have had ups and downs as a Christian but God has helped me through the bad times. I believe by going through difficulties it has made me a stronger person. 

I bring compassion, commitment and energy to the church. I stand up for what I believe is right. 

I believe in reaching out to the Community and showing God's love by serving them. 

I can bring some value to the Leadership team by offering support and new thinking. I believe I have been given some spirit-led qualities in wisdom and discernment.

I love God and I believe in being available to be used by him. 







Elder : Wayne Taylor

​I believe in the encouragement of individuals to find answers to life's questions through a personal relationship with God. In order to bring this about I believe that God has given us the Bible to help us understand His nature and character, so that we might trust Him and apply His plan for our lives today. I believe that we, as individuals, have the final say in what we do with our lives (although God may strongly suggest a certain path as with Jonah) it is up to us what we choose to do. 

​As an elder I would endeavour to seek what God has planned for my life and the life of the church and the congregation. I believe God speaks to individuals who speak out God's word and then we seek His will together to move forward with His plans for our church. 

​I have known God for 31 years starting in a Baptist Church where I stayed until I came to Steeple Bumpstead 13 years ago. I have a passion for motorbikes and a ministry with the Christian Motor cycle Assocation where as a group, we bring the Gospel to the motorcycling community. I enjoy seeing others achieve their goals and growing, especially children. 

​Deut. 4:29 From there you will see the LORD your God, and you will find him if you search after him with all your heart and soul.